Holy Smokes! It's Christmas already?

Holy Smokes! It's Christmas already?

Honestly, how did that happen?  As pleased as I am that this hairy year is coming to a close, it has been a bit of a hustle to get us to the end!

I don't know about you, but my Christmas shopping has taken a massive backseat to that hustle, and I'm rather behind on my shopping.  

I thought I'd give my partner some sneaky ideas, and while I'm at it, I'll share them with you.

Firstly, you might have seen that I'm bringing in the seriously beautiful knitting books by Wool & Pine.  This book has so popular for them that they've had to order another print run, and they've not even sent out the first lot yet!  You can see why, with their stunning photography and with their patterns having close attention to detail.  

I made Alice the Sorrel sweater earlier this year, and I don't think she's taken it off since I sent it (she's just so knitworthy!).  What I loved about it, apart from its beauty, was how easy the video tutorials made it to follow.  The pattern books come with a code for digital patterns and all the video accompanying video tutorials.

I really like that they've worked to make their patterns size inclusive too.  Each pattern has a different size range but their patterns go up to a minimum of 64.5" as their largest bust size, and as small as 30" for smaller people.  It makes it easy to support these cool designers. 

I'm planning one having one of each of these, starting with the Summer Sorrel.  I just love hand knit merino tees for the summer - I hate feeling hot and merino is wonderful for breathability and also absorbing any "glow" that might happen in the Taranaki humidity.

I've set these up as a pre-order here.  If you buy this book, I'm also offering 20% off the yarn required to make a sweater from this book, hit me up!  I have limited quantities of the book coming in, and they're shipping them to me this week.  We have our fingers crossed they'll get here for Christmas, but with this world we're living in, I'm saying it's a safer bet to expect them in January.  

My friend Megan has been hard at work making eco-friendly, waste-free drawstring reusable Christmas gift bags.  Apart from being a truly kind friend (who once spent 10 hours with her entire family moving my house with me!), Megan is a master sewist who produces quality work every time, with carefully enclosed seams and clever use of space.  If you've ever had one of the Nana-Cindy clubs, you'll know how lovely Megan's work is.  

We both hate waste, so she's used remnant fabric and trims to make these bags. This means they're in a fun variety of colours and sizes, perfect for that funky hard to wrap gift.  You will be able to use these bags for years to come!

If you have someone in your life who you'd like to introduce to knitting, my learn to knit hat kits have been a huge hit!  These are suitable for absolute beginners and come with video tutorials to make things super duper easy, and most importantly, successful!  Just choose your yarn and pom-pom and you're away laughing!

I also have some really cute smaller bits and pieces for that "needs something else" secret Santa gift.  

I love these pins by Dye Candy, cool badges by an ever cooler lady.


We also have these beautiful handmade pearl stitch markers made by my Mum.  You might have met mum at some of the shows we've done over the past few years, and she sourced these beautiful naturally shaped pearls and made stitch markers with them.  They're the perfect little extra.


Are you local to Taranaki?  Have you got a crafty kid in your life?  I'm running some workshops at The Collaboration in town just before Christmas, and spaces are filling up quick!  They'll be run "drop n shop" style, so if you're free 11-2 on 21st or 23rd December, send them in to me and we'll have some messy fun!  You can book directly with The Collaboration here

I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas and new year period.  I know I'm looking forward to a wee break in January before getting back to the busy again!

xx Cindy


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