Shipping Policies


I use GoSweetSpot as my shipping merchant with Post Haste as my courier.  Parcels are always tracked.  

$5.50 for packages up to 500g

$5 rural delivery surcharge

Most parcels will be less than $10 to post to non rural addresses.



I now have the option of NZ Post and DHL. If you would like your international order combined with another, please let me know!


NZ Post is not getting parcels anywhere very quickly.  It's taking anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months to get parcels to my customers.  

If you choose this option, it is at your own risk.  I have no control over the delivery time frames and there is no insurance available for delays.  See NZ Post's website for more info regarding specific countries here

NZ Post quick glance pricing $NZD:

Asia: $13.50-$19.50 approx up to 500g

Australia: $8-11 approx up to 500g

North America, UK and Europe: $14-21.50 approx up to 500g

Rest of World: $15-23 approx up to 500g


DHL has a guaranteed delivery time of 7-16 days worldwide.  Choose this option if you want to know your parcel will arrive to you quickly.

DHL quick glance pricing $NZD:


$40 up to 500g
$50  up to 2kg


$35 up to 500g

$40 up to 2kg


North America:

$45 up to 500g

$50 up to 2kg


UK and Europe:

$55 up to 500g

$60 up to 2kg


Rest of World:

$90 up to 500g

$120 up to 2kg


For bulk amounts larger than 2kg or wholesale enquiries, please get into contact here: