Led Zep Dye Candy Custom Blended Fibre

Led Zep Dye Candy Custom Blended Fibre

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Nana Cindy is proud to be bringing Dye Candy to NZ!

Custom Blended Fibre

Merino, Corriedale Bamboo

Minimum 100g total.

Dye Candy yarn is dyed in Randalstown, Northern Ireland by Lindsay "Hutch" Hutchinson.  She personally dyes every skein by hand, and loves creating new colourways for you to enjoy.


Hutch advises hand washing and always lying flat to dry, to ensure you get the best out of your items.


Although every effort has been taken to ensure colourfast yarn, you may experience a small amount of colour bleeding on the first couple of washes.  This is normal for hand dyed yarn.